About us:

Min Xiao-Fen  

Blue Pipa, Inc., 
the sponsor of   Min Xiao-Fen and her  Blue Pipa Ensembles,

is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration of traditional and modern music from all cultures, with a special emphasis on Asian culture, and to the promotion of new and experimental music, including jazz, film and theater works from around the world.


Founded in 2003, this organization is committed to accomplishing its mission by working with American composers, music festivals and other organizations to create the proper environment for cultural exchange and to encourage young people to develop their talents with lectures in schools and free concerts for the community.

  Min Xiao-Fen - music director

Karen So - vice president

Mike Wilpizeski - executive director

  Blue Pipa, Inc. and Min Xiao-Fen would like to thank
the following for their generous support:

    >     Queens Council on the Arts
    >   Asian Cultural Council
    >      The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

  >  The Peter S. Reed foundation

    >            New York State Council on the Arts

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